Friday, November 26, 2010

fallen love married

Stop, think twice, step back,
think twice again, turn around
and go in another direction
and find someone else.
It's always easy to fall in love
with someone who is already in a
relationship, since they evidently
have the qualities that engender
them to form relationships, and
someone got to him/her first.
Unless the divorce is pending
finalization (like in the next week
or so), you should stay out of
the picture, regardless of any
perceived encouragement that
the party may be offering to
entice you to an involvement
with them.
Most relationships that begin like
this, become like this again down
the road, and do not last. Don't
become an interloper as you
would not want one in your
There are plenty of "other fish in
the sea", so to speak, though it
may not always seem like it at
the present time.

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