Friday, November 26, 2010

How to Get the Seductive Femme Fatale Fashion Look

So girls, feel like a makeover and
a whole new look for the
Autumn or Fall? Well this is what
I ’m going to do. I’m going for
the Femme Fatale Fashion
Look. I want men to think I’m
hot but not that I'm cheap or
So what is a Femme Fatale? Film
buffs argue endlessly about the
precise definition and, anyway,
the interpretation changes with
the decades.
Originally the femme fatale
adorned Film Noir (in black and
white) with delicious coats (to
keep her hot), fabulous dresses
and gowns, a long cigarette,
often in a holder, and the
occasional gun. She was the
gangster ’s moll, the bad girl on
the bar stool or the sinister
sound of high heels on the
sidewalk. She was seductive,
had a great figure and legs to
die for. Above all she was a siren
and a seducer.Think Rita Hayworth, Barbara
Stanwyck, Marlene Dietrich or
Lana Turner, ensnaring their
lovers in bonds of irresistible
desire. Femme Fatales are
seductive, mysterious and tough.
But don ’t mess with their
affections or you might get a
bullet through the heart.
So what does a Femme Fatale
wear? On the mean streets of
Chicago or New York you ’ll find
her in the shadows clothed in a
long trenchcoat or a fur coat
with a smart hat. When a guy
helps her out of the coat, it
revels long slinky, figure-hugging
gowns with gloves above the
elbow, stockings and high heels.
Whether blond, redhead or
brunette, there is something of
the night about the Femme
Fatale. Her clothes are typically
black or fiery red and when she
sits her slinky ankle length gown
parts seductively revealing
fabulous black stockinged legs.

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