Friday, November 26, 2010

How to make somebody like or love you?

first and foremost is to get rid
of the complex that you are
not pretty or handsome or may not be
beautiful but you can be
absolutely charming
dont bend beyond your back
to win over
dont be overwhelmed or
overreact inorder to charm
and behave stupid
cardinal rule -
just try to be more and more
feminine if you are a femal
and more and more
masculine and chivalrous if
you are a male- you willbe
attractive- so dress
be chivalrous if you are a
male and gentle if you are a
anger is a natural vent for
males - understand that
crying emotion and tears is a
natural vent for females -
understand that
never play games
dont brag
law of genders
from a male point of view
even if a girl is nuts and
neurotic but beautiful males
like them.
from the females point fo view
even if the guy is a brat and
naughty but is rich they like
them. they may not love
be your natural self -dont
pretend to be stoic,poised and
even if you are ugly if you
have a sense of humour
people will love you
even if you beautiful or
handsome if you are a bore
people will avoid you
never be a snob
never ridicule
never find fault
people who dont know to talk
just give loving looks , will be
present around you and if
chance permits will touch you,
their way of showing affection
pay heed to them
never force yourself on
guys born with sisters will be a
bit feminine and girls born
with brothers will be rude and
points to note
guys fall in love through their
eyes so dress well reveal a
little lure them dont seduce
girls fall in love with their ears
so you must be spoken off
last line -- to win a girl even if
you are not famous be
lucky charms
smile is infectious spread it
smell is infectious dont spread
odour . wear a deodorant
hug is intimacy dont throw it
away just like that reserve that
for special moments
stand erect ,reduce your waist
and increase your bust a bit
find out whether your girl like
hair and then grow a beard
always be with someone
slightly elder you will be look
parting shot -if you are
roundfaced a long face will
like you and viceversa. try
this . opposites attract.have
music and poetry attracts ,
humour wins over all
add grace always girls to dress
and guys to occasion
guys love babes but babes love
babies so guys pretend to love
babies for babes to look at you
sunny dispostion always- dont
boil-never get hot

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