Friday, November 26, 2010

I really want to get in touch with my lover, how do I do it?

How about your comment,
you've fallen in love with
someone you just met. I really
want to get in touch with him,
A better way to think about this
situation would sound like this:
I've recently met a young man
whom I feel strongly attracted
to. I highly respect his views and
I find him extremely intelligent
and interesting.
He's the type of guy I would like
to get to know better on a
personal level, whether it be
through a possible friendship or
if I continued to be attracted to
maybe we could possibly one
day go out for a date.
I would recommend that you
begin to think in this manner first
and then calmly find a way to
drop a casual e-mail to him and
see if you can establish some
type of friendship.
After you do this, I would let him
take the next step to see how far
it should go. You can contact
him first but it should be equal
after that point with him being
allowed to pursue.
There's nothing wrong with
going about letting someone
know you're interested in a
subtle way. Coming on too
strong, too fast can make
someone run the other way very
Remember its best to let things
happen naturally without putting
the cart before the horse.

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