Friday, November 26, 2010

Sadly, no. How long would you be apart, how long have you known each other? Are there immediate plans for the two of

you to settle in the same place
soon? It's quite a romantic
notion, you and your true love
separated by circumstances
beyond your control, yet you
both remain steadfast and
faithful to one another. Your
love is unique, it's different,
stronger than anyone could
imagine! In your case I hope
that's true, but a relationship
requires constant nurturing and
diligence. Your spouse should be
your best friend, you should
always back each other up even
if you don't agree with your
partner and believe he/she is
wrong. In the presence of other
people he/she needs to know
they can always count on you to
stand by him. Now when you get
home, in private, that's when
you tell him your opinion. It's
hard to do that long distance.
Both of you will, quite naturally,
have different friends in your
different locations - you'll both
find other best friends. It doesn't
matter that your friend is the
same sex as you, loyalty tends to
lean toward the person who is
there for you on a daily basis.
That's why I suggest the two of
you find a common nesting
ground as soon as possible.
My husband of 17 years and I
are currently going through a
really tough divorce. He has
worked offshore since 1997 and
we did fine for the first couple of
years, although the rift between
us had already started to form.
He didn't come home and tell
me about his day, nor could I
share the little details of my my
day with him. I guess we stayed
together for as long as we did
was because we're both
stubborn, but we sure as hell
don't even like each other. How
is this possible - this man is and
always will be the love of my life,
but we drifted apart, developed
different interests. When he
would come home after being
gone for a month my daughter
& I resented the way he
disrupted our daily routine. "I
ran the household very well
without you, darling. Don't come
home & declare a dictatorship! I
don't want to listen to AM radio
and Bill O'Reilly at the same time
blaring from the front of the
house to the back and why are
you hanging out with the single
female next door neighbor,
drinking bourbon and fixing
whatever little thing she needs
while I'm at work all day!"
Our love was unique,
different,stronger than anyone
could imagine! Because of the
long distance between us for
half the year we lost track of
who the other one was, his
dreams,beliefs,ideas. He wasn't
here to help me through some
really rough times, so I learned
to not depend on him. That's
both a disappointment as well as
a blow to a man's ego.
In my opinion, you should
continue your long distance
relationship for as long as it
lasts,it hurts less when the
feelings slowly fade into
cherished memories. You two
may prove me wrong & I hope
you do! My Dad is a ship's
Captain & he and my Mother
have been married 45 years! You
never know, just do your best to
keep each other close & do it as
soon as possible.
Good luck and Godspeed.

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