Saturday, January 8, 2011

Facts in IPL auction

13:28: That wraps up the first
half of the day's bidding. KKR's
ferocious bid for Gautam
Gambhir has surely set the tone
for subsequent bidding. The
update will continue here at
14:30 hours
Players sold before the lunch-
break at 1.25 p.m.
Gautam Gambhir , Kolkata
Knight Riders, $2.4 million
Dilshan Tillakaratne, Royal
Challengers Bangalore, $650,000
Zaheer Khan, Royal Challengers
Bangalore, $900,000
Ross Taylor, Rajasthan Royals, $1
Yusuf Pathan, Kolkata Knight
Riders, $2.1 million
Kevin Pietersen, Deccan
Chargers, $650,000
Mahela Jayawardene, Kochi, $1.5
Yuvraj Singh, Pune, $1.8million
AB de Villiers, RCB, $1.1 million
Sourav Ganguly, base price $
400,000, unsold
Cameron White, Deccan
Chargers, $1.1 million
Jacques Kallis, Kolkata Knight
Riders, $1.1 million
Rohit Sharma, Mumbai Indians, $
2 million
Andrew Symonds, Mumbai
Indians, $850,000
Kumar Sangakkara, Deccan
Chargers, $700,000
Adam Gilchrist, Kings XI Punjab,
Rahul Dravid, Rajasthan Royals, $
Graeme Smith, Pune, $500,000
Robin Uthappa, Pune, $2.1
Johan Botha, Rajasthan Royals, $
V.V.S. Laxman, Kochi, $400,000
Daniel Vettori, Royal Challengers
Bangalore, $550,000
Brendon McCullum, Kochi, $
S. Sreesanth, Kochi, $900,000
Chris Gayle, base price $400,000,
Irfan Pathan, Delhi Daredevils, $
1.9 million
R.P. Singh, Kochi, $500,000
13:26: The bidding is still on.
Chennai Super Kings raises the
bar to $ 270,000, and higher.
CSK again a gamechanger, bids
$425,000. Kochi steps in with an
offer Singh can't refuse. Several
minutes and $475,000 later, R.P.
Singh will play for team Kochi.
13:24: It is bidding time for R.P.
Singh. The base price 200,000
dollars. It's only a few minutes to
lunch time, but the bidders are
in no hurry. R.P. Singh would be
a definite value addition.
13:23: Delhi Daredevils buys
Irfan Pathan for 1 million
900,000 dollars.
13:22: Irfan Pathan bidding rises
to 1 million 700,000 dollars from
Delhi Daredevils. Irfan Pathan's
bidding goes on and on.....
swinging from Punjab to Delhi. It
is now 1million 900,000 dollars.
13:20: 1 million 500,000 dollars
for Irfan Punjab. Still in bidding
13:13: 1 million for Irfan Pathan
from Punjab. I'm still in shock
about Chris Gayle going unsold.
Bidding for Irfan Pathan is still
13:10: No bid for Chris Gayle!
What is going on! Nobody
wants the match winner from
West Indies.
13:09: Chris Gayle not getting
too many opening bids. Surely
he cant go for a lowly 400,000?
13:08: Wow that came from
nowhere. Kochi bid 900,000 for
Sreesanth out of the blue and
get him. So Sreesanth goes to
his home team.
13:07: Kochi make a splash at
900,000 for Sreesanth.
13:05: Sreesanth in the mix
13:03: Just 475,000 for
McCullum. Kochi buys him at
a seriously low price. This is
an absolute steal!
13:01: The IPL's first centurion,
Brendon McCullum now.
13:00: Daniel Vettori sold for
550,000 to Bangalore. Bit
surprised at the low price. Not
too many bidders for the
12:57: 400,000 for VVS Laxman
to Kochi. He got one bid, and
thats the last.
12:55: 950,000 for Johan Botha.
Sold to Rajasthan. That is a
huge sum for Botha. Did
Rajasthan pay too much?
12:53: Bangalore drops out after
Rajasthan bids 750,000 for Botha.
Then Pune step in with 800,000.
12:50: Looks like Bangalore is
keen on Botha. Bangalore
matching Kochi bid for bid.
12:49: South Africa's spinner
Johan Botha now.
12:48: Robin Uthappa going for
a huge sum! 2.1 million to
12:47: Kochi and Pune going
head to head for Robin. 2.1
million now for Robin from
12:43: Kochi and Pune fight for
Robin, Bid stands at 1.6 million
from Kochi now.
12:43: 1 million from Kochi for
Robin Uthappa and we aren't
done yet. Bangalore might step
in with a bid, they seem keen.
12:42: Big hitter Robin Uthappa
up for grabs.
12:41: Team Pune gets
Graeme Smith for 500,000.
Some laboured bidding there,
not too many franchises keen
on the South African captain.
12:39: Richard about to drop the
hammer but Kochi enter with
420,000 for Smith. Richard
Madley explains that he saw the
last second bid before he
dropped the hammer, so the bid
12:38: Even Graeme Smith not
getting too many bids. Stuck at
12:37: A little painful to watch
as Dravid goes without many
bids. Sold for 500,000 to the
Rajasthan Royals.
12:35: Ex-Bangalore icon player
Rahul Dravid struggling to get
bids here.
12:33: 900,000 for Gilchrist to
Punjab. The opening bid took a
while to come, but the bidding
picked up quickly after.
12:31: Unsold? Who am I
kidding? Bidding on at 850,000
for Gilchrist now.
12:29: Opening bid at 400,000.
So he won't go unsold.
12:29: Adam Gilchrist, you're
12:28: Keeper-batsman
Sangakkara goes to Deccan
Chargers for 700,00. Chennai
made a brief bid but backed
out quickly.
12:26: Sri Lanka's Kumar
Sangakkara now.
12:25: Andrew Symonds goes
to the Mumbai Indians for
850,000. Mumbai gobbling up
players here.
12:23: Chennai Super Kings
finally make a bid after staying
on the sidelines all through. Will
they buy their first player?
12:22: Andrew Symonds up for
sale now.
12:21: 2 million for Rohit
Sharma! 2 million! Sold to
Mumbai Indians! Mumbai with
a mammoth bid!
12:20: Priety Zinta and Punjab
keen on Rohit Sharma at 1.1
million, but Mumbai and Deccan
Chargers enter with 1.4 million
12:19: Can you believe it? 1.1
million for Rohit Sharma. Bidding
still on!
12:18: Step up, Mr. Rohit
Sharma. Another T20
12:17: Kallis sold for 1.1
million to Kolkata after
Bangalore exits the race.
12:14: Star player Jacques
Kallis up for sale now. Expect
some frenzied bidding.
12:13: Cameron White goes to
the Deccan Chargers for 1.1
12:11: Can we go back to
Ganguly for a minute? Ganguly
upped his base price from
200,000 to 400,000, it has
backfired on him. No bids for
Ganguly. Silence as Ganguly's
name is called by Richard
Madley, the autioneer. There
was talk that Ganguly might go
unsold, turns out to be true in
the end.
12:11: Cameron White is up
12:09: And we're back with the
bidding. Major setback for
Saurav Ganguly, he goes
12:04: Right, a quick recap of the
players sold so far. We have K.C.
Vijaya Kumar, our sports
correspondent, with the
Players sold at 12 noon.
Gautam Gambhir , Kolkata
Knight Riders, $2.4 million
Dilshan Tillakaratne, Royal
Challengers Bangalore, $650,000
Zaheer Khan, Royal Challengers
Bangalore, $900,000
Ross Taylor, Rajasthan Royals, $1
Yusuf Pathan, Kolkata Knight
Riders, $2.1 million
Kevin Pietersen, Deccan
Chargers, $650,000
Mahela Jayawardene, Kochi, $1.5
Yuvraj Singh, Pune, $1.8million
AB de Villiers, RCB, $1.1 million
11:51: We have a short break
now of 15 minutes. Some crazy
bidding going on in this first
session. Yusuf Pathan and
Gambhir setting the stage on fire
with record bids. Still much more
to go.
11:50: 1.1 million for de
Villiers. Bangalore with the
11:48: AB de Villers now
11:46: Mumbai and Deccan
Chargers fight for Yuvraj, but
Pune comes in with 1.8 million
to get the big hitter.
11:44: In about a minute,
Yuvraj's bid rises to 1.3 million.
Chennai have been rather
inactive thus far, will they enter
with a surprise bid for Yuvraj?
11:43: Here is another prize
catch. Yuvraj Singh.
11:42: Jayawardene sold to
Kochi for 1.5 million. Inflated
11:41: I'm not sure about these
inflated prices. Jayawardene at
1.5 million with Kochi. Is he
really worth this much? It's not
over yet, Kings XI Punjab might
up the bid.
11:40: Hello, what do we have
here? Kings XI Punjab, who have
been silent all the while, comes
in at 1 million for Jayawardene.
11:39: Kochi and Bangalore
battle for Jayawardene.
Bangalore has the bid at 900,000
as of now.
11:38: Who wants Sri Lanka's
Mahela Jayawardene?
11:36: Pietersen sold to
Deccan Chargers for 650,000.
Not too much, very modest
11:34: Pietersen, who played for
Bangalore in the previous
edition, should be hot property
with his pyrotechnics.
11:34: England's former
captain Kevin Pietersen up for
11:32: Yusuf Pathan, T20
specialist, is sold for 2.1
million to Kolkata! Just a
shade under Gambhir's 2.4
11:31: As expected, Yusuf's price
is through the roof. Kolkata bids
2.1 million. Bidding still on.
11:29: Kolkata, Kochi and
Deccan Chargers in a three-way
fight for Yusuf.
11:29: In no time, 1 million for
Yusuf Pathan. Bidding still in
11:27: And now, we have the
big gun - Yusuf Pathan.
Bidding begins in earnest. Will
this be the record buy? Let's
wait and see.
11:26: Rajasthan Royals get
Ross Taylor for exactly 1
million. Nicely done
Rajasthan, Ross Taylor is a
great T20 buy.
11:24: Bid stalls at 850,000 for
Ross Taylor. Bangalore almost
gets him, but Rajasthan enters
the fray with 900,000. This
auction is full of last minute
11:23: Time for New Zealand's
explosive Ross Taylor. Who
wants some? Base price
11:22: Bangalore steals Zaheer
Khan from Mumbai and Delhi.
Zaheer sold for 900,000 to
Bangalore! Prize catch! Last
minute bid from Bangalore
snares the left arm pacer.
11:20: A bit of a tussle between
Delhi and Mumbai for Zaheer.
850,000 USD right now with the
Mumbai Indians. RCB enters at
11:19: Zaheer Khan, India
pacer, now. He has a base
price of 300,000 USG
11:18: 650,000 USD for Dilshan,
bought by Bangalore. A bit of
a bargain if you ask me, I
think he is definitely worth
11:17: Each team can spend a
maximum of 9 million, so
spending 2.4 million on just
Gambhir is quite something.
11:16: Dilshan can be be
murderous in this form of the
game. Expect skyrocketing prices
for the Sri Lankan too.
11:15: Sri Lankan dasher
Dilshan under the hammer
11:14: What a brilliant start to
the auction! Gambhir is sold to
Kolkata Knight Riders for
2,400,000 USD. 2.4 million for
Gambhir! 11.4 crore for the
India opener!
11:12: Gambhir was about to be
sold for 1,900,000 but Kolkata
comes in with a 2 million bid.
Hot property, Gambhir.
11:09: Pune and Mumbai in a
bidding war. The bid stands at
800,000 for Pune, but wait, we
have a new entrant. Bangalore
comes in with 900,000 USD!! The
bid is still on, 1 million now by
11:06: You can cut the tension
with a knife. Richard Madley, the
auctioneer, puts Gautam
Gambhir up for sale. His base
price is 200,000. "I hear 250,000
for Mumbai. Now 260,000". This
is exciting. Let us wait and see
how much Gautam Gambhir is
sold for.
11:04: The IPL chairman Chirayi
Amin: "I'd like to congratulate all
the team owners and wish you
all the best in the auction. Also,
good luck to the players."
11:03: And we're off!
Introductory speeches begin.
11:01: Right, let us go through
the rules for a bit. Each team
needs to have a sqaud of 30
players, with not more than 10
overseas players.
10:59: I think the most
interesting part of today will be
the auction of Brian Lara. His
base price is 400,000 USD, a bit
steep for a player who hasn't
played competitive cricket for
three years.
10:56: Vijay Mallya, the owner of
the Bangalore franchise plays
down the importance of money
at the auction. "It isn't about the
money you have in your pockets,
it is about picking a well
balanced squad," he says.
The team owners and officials
are gathering in the auction
room in Bangalore now. We are
minutes away from bidding
Welcome to The Hindu's live
coverage of the IPL player
auctions 2011. 48 Indians up for
'sale', and a total of 353 players
to be auctioned today and

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