Friday, November 26, 2010

Do you believe long distant relationships work?

The phrase, "absence makes the
heart grow fonder", isn't
ALWAYS true, but I must say that
being separated physically during
the courtship phase of a
relationship is a wonderful way
to test the strength and depth of
your bond. It also makes you
appreciate the love of your life
even more when you are
together, and gives you a unique
opportunity to learn more about
each other without the physical
contact that can, at times, get in
the way of discovering
compatibility issues. It isn't easy (I
speak from personal experience),
but anything worth having is
worth waiting for.
Take heart! It IS possible to have
a long distance relationship; my
husband lived in CA and I lived
in OR when we were dating. We
spent a lot of time on the phone
and writing letters (every day,
believe it or not!). He would
have flowers and balloons sent
to me at work with a note to let
me know he was thinking about
me. I would send him care
packages and cards filled with
words of my devotion. When we
were able to get together, we
savored the time and made the
most of it. An added perk: once
we were married, we realized
how good that long-distance
relationship was for us, because
it made our marriage even more
cherished in our eyes, something
never to be taken for granted.
We've been married for over 18
years, and still kiss and cuddle
and hold hands and tell each
other "I love you" every day.
Summing up...when both parties
are equally committed to making
a relationship work (and this is
vitally important!), it doesn't
matter how far apart you are
geographically. It can work!
You seem to have a positive
attitude--keep it up, it's a grand
way to live your life! (o:

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