Friday, November 26, 2010

I've fallen in love with someone I've just met? I really want to get in touch with him, how do I do it?

One of my friends invited me to
his biday party. I met his friends
from college. I was talking to
them about politics (they are
part of a student org in their law
school) & was just amazed by
their views.They kept talking
about the president of this group
who still hadn't arrived & then
he arrived. He hugged his friends
& hugged me, even though we
had never met. We talked a lot
and he said he thought I was
interesting and kept asking me
stuff about me;he seemed
interested in me, even if I say so
myself :P
Now, I've been reading his blog
& reading about him (yeah I
know, stalker) and I really like
him!Not for his looks but for the
way he thinks, his ideals. I know
I'm infatuated, but I want to take
this a step further. I want to
actually get to know the guy. I'm
shy&embarrassed of what my
friend&this guy will think if I add
him as a friend on facebook or if
I even show interest in that way.
What to do?Should I just be bold
and do it? In what other ways
could I get closer to him?Thanks!
Asked by Bdc 26 months ago
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